Extrajudicial Representation


dsssExtrajudicial Representation of Lawyer is the authorized representative activity in which the lawyer on behalf of their clients to participate, perform the transaction activities such as civil, commercial and administrative activities to individuals, agencies and other organizations. At present, Dao & Brothers has been providing extrajudicial representation service for Vietnamese individuals, organizations, exporters in Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxemburg). Under the provisions of the law, the Lawyers of Dao & Brothers Law Firm can represent on behalf of all inbound and outbound individuals and legal entities:

-  To participate as a representative of entrepreneur to discuss, negotiate to sign the business transactions and transactions related to authorized extent.

-   To participate as an intermediary to help the parties negotiate or mediate the disputes arising in civil, labour, commercial business activities on the basis of mutual benefits and information security.

-    Lawyers representing clients work with state agencies, implement the work related to administrative procedures that the individuals and organizations faced with during the process of carrying out investment and business and production.

-    Representative of other matters beyond the litigation within the authorized extent under the provisions of the law.

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