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Foreign investors allowed to purchase shares of logistics enterprises

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The Decree No.163/2017/ND-CP on provision of logistics services. According to this Decree:

Foreign investors may purchase a certain ratio of shares and stakes in an enterprise upon provision of transport-related logistics services (previously, foreign investors have to establish a joint-venture).
In addition, a foreign investor in the country or territory that is a WTO member must comply with regulations on holdings and satisfy the following conditions:
- Regarding sea transport services (except for inland transport): Total number of foreign seafarers working on the ship shall not exceed 1/3 of ship’s crew. The captain or first mate must be a Vietnamese citizen.
- Regarding road transport services: all drivers of the enterprise must be Vietnamese citizens.
Notes: The provider that provides part or whole of logistic services on the Internet, cellular network or other open networks must comply with regulations on e-commerce.
The Decree No.163/2017/ND-CP (effective date on February 20, 2018) replace the Decree No.140/2007/ND-CP.


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