Tuesday, 01/22/2019
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Viet Nam to export dragon fruit to Australia

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Australia last week announced that it would permit the import of Vietnamese dragon fruit, making Viet Nam the first country to get licence to export fresh dragon fruit there.

Dragon fruit is one of Viet Nam’s key export fruits, and saw export sales worth US$895.7 million in 2016, accounting for 50.3 per cent of the country’s total fresh fruit exports and 36.1 per cent of Viet Nam’s total fruit and vegetables exports.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in order to export goods to the Australian market, exporters must comply with stringent regulations.

Specifically, to export to Australia, businesses must have a valid licence issued by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as well as a certificate of no-insect infection in the area of ​​biological safety control by Viet Nam’s Plant Protection Department (PPD).

The fresh dragon fruit must originate, be produced and exported from Viet Nam, in accordance with relevant conditions and programmes. Before shipment, the fruits must undergo vapour heat treatment (VHT) for 40 minutes at 46.5 degrees Celsius at a minimum of 90 per cent humidity at a processing facility approved by the PPD.

The produce must be free of insects and diseases and must not have contaminant pollutants.

Packaging must be done using synthetic materials or highly processed materials of plant origin; unprocessed materials such as straw cannot be used.

The cartons or individual packages must be tied firmly and labelled with unique identifier to facilitate traceability.

The treated products must be protected from harmful insects during and after packaging, while handling, storing and transporting between locations. Products that have been inspected and certified by a competent authority from Viet Nam must be maintained in a safe condition so as not to be mixed with fruits exported to other markets, or for consumption in the domestic market.

The PPD must inspect containers prior to loading and ensure there are no insects, and all vents must be covered to prevent insect infiltration.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources can review the import policy at any time after trade commences, or when pest and quarantine control rules in Viet Nam are altered.

Fresh dragon fruit is one of Viet Nam’s priority agricultural commodities for the Australian market. Australia is also speeding up the approval process for other fresh fruits from Viet Nam.

Source: VNS


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